About the Zealous Mom

I am zealously scattered. I dig cooking, (especially vegetarian and vegan food), nutrition, sewing (anything but shirts because that crap is hard), reading philosophy and theology, being active in church, riding horses (when I can, which isn’t often), watching science documentaries especially concerning physics, raising 4 kidlets aged 7 and under, and staying madly in love with my husband of 10 years. I hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and an Master’s in Psychology. I’m currently seeking a Master’s in Creative Writing. If the above makes me sound a bit flighty about my interests, I prefer to think of it as eclectic.

Writing is not really an interest. It’s more like an unhealthy obsession. All the above items tend to fly out the window if I get in front of my laptop too long. I love any kind of writing, but I especially love fiction because of how you can tell people what you think without really telling them what you think…if you know what I mean. I had to make a personal statement in my last master’s class about what kind of writer I am and after much thought, I decided I am a Fiction Metaphysicist. It’s where I live in my mind as I consider metaphors for life. I consider imagination the key to reality and all fiction is grounded in fact one way or another. And nonfiction is grounded in how we imagine ourselves–an often-times fictional perception.

I’ll stop getting all existentialist writer on you now, and just say that I’m Zealous. Exuberant about life and the things in it. And I happen to be a mom, which is actually a pretty big deal.

And finally, I live in Williston, ND, the happiest place on earth (Sorry Disney World) where everyone has a job and makes plenty of money thanks to that fantastic industry you all depend on to run your cars.  Seriously, this place is like Mecca and I love it.

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